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Base Currency - In general terms, the base currency is the currency in which an investor or issuer maintains its book of accounts. … The objective of currencytrading is to buy the currency that increases in value relative to the one you sold.

currency trading glossary of terms

Top Day Trading Strategies. GlossaryofTerms. … In the over-the-counter market, the term “ask” refers to the lowest price at which a broker is willing to sell a security (e.g. currency, stock, index or commodity) at any given time.GlossaryofTradingTerms. What are CFDs? … GlossaryofTradingTerms wp_wise_admin 2017-08-14T13:37:03+00:00. Asset: A currency, stock, index, commodity, or financial instrument that can be invested or traded upon.

Freight Directory > TradeGlossary > GlossaryofTradeTerms. … CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) - A surcharge on freight charges by a carrier to offset foreign currency fluctuations.A financial term for a trade that is either still able to incur a profit or a loss (open position) or has been closed (closed position), it is a way for trader to hope making profits. … A minimum change in price, up or down of any product, for example, in currencytrading, one tick means 0.00001, with expectation...Simplest is simultaneous purchase and sale of the same thing. 12. • Terms of Trade: Glossaryof International. Economics. … Debase To reduce the value of. Classically, a currency (page 56) is debased if its value in terms of gold or other precious metal is reduced.

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2013 Glossaryof Financial Terms. … Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) An Over-the-Counter (OTC) settled short-termcurrency forward on a lightly tradedcurrency or non-deliverable currency.View more search results. Education. Glossaryoftradingterms. … In trading the term base currency has two main definitions: the first currency quoted in a forex pair, or the accounting currency used by banks and other businesses.A term used by forex traders to denote the EUR/USD currency pair. Flat (Square). Used in the context of financial trading to describe a situation where a trader has no open position. … Forex. Acronym for the term “Foreign Exchange”, the market where currency pairs are traded.